The RFID Consortium is based on, and supportive of, the standards and specifications announced by EPCglobal, a not-for-profit organization involved in proposing standards for Electronic Product Codes and RFID technology, as well as ISO (International Standards Organization) counterpart standards.

The EPCglobal and ISO specifications are expected to be followed by RFID technology users to ensure interoperability. The Consortium expects to work in parallel with those standard setting organizations to assist in the commercialization and wide acceptance of the standards they independently develop.

The UHF RFID Consortium includes the following specifications within the scope of its license:

  • EPC™ Radio-Frequency Identity Protocols, Generation-2 UHF RFID, Specification for RFID Air Interface Protocol for Communications at 860 MHz – 960 MHz, Version 2.0.0, dated November 2013.
  • The specifications for Type C set forth in ISO/IEC 18000-63: 2013 Informationtechnology – Radio frequency identification for item management – Part 63: Parameters for air interface communications at 860 MHz to 960 MHz.

The specifications listed above supplement those identified in the Patent Portfolio License and other program agreements.